'Reworked Sneakers' is the continuation of the Reworked Sportswear collection, an idea which was created by Anton Schnaider. 

Anton created a separate line of Reworked Sportswear and it became a part of an Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. After that, Anton decided to continue experimenting and made a sneakers collaboration with the Littman brand. Each pair is made by hand and every single piece is unique and exists as a single copy. 

Anton and Ksenia plan to develop a line of Reworked Sneakers and Reworked Sportswear separately from the main collections, adding more interesting designs and implementing new bold ideas.

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Photoshoot project Ksenia Schnaider SS18 in Paris by Alexandra Serafimovich.

Photoshoot project featuring extremely stylish and cool girls wearing Ksenia Schnaider SS18 in Paris.

Heroines of this project are women who have their own unique style, and each of them implements pieces by Ksenia Schnaider differently. Our heroines support Ksenia Schnaider brand for a long time and here in Paris they choose the look from the last collection they feel the most suites them. 

They go back to the brand each season, and they are ready to experiment together with Ksenia Schnaider.

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Ksenia Schnaider SS18 on Vogue Runway

Ksenia Schnaider, one of the country’s most successful designers, is a stellar example of how to appeal to an audience beyond Ukraine’s borders. The key lies in her use of denim. A few years ago she created Demi Denims, a pants-meets-shorts sort of jean with a slit at the knee and a tapered leg. The clever style took off and is now sold at Stylebop and Moda Operandi, and Schnaider has been reworking the look successfully for several seasons.


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