Spring/Summer 2015 Glitched Vyshivanka



   When designing their S/S 2015 collection, Ksenia and Anton were thinking about the perception of Ukraine in global minds. Ukraine has been Terra Incognita for most people around the world. And now image of the country became even more uncertain, and remote from reality thanks to the different media and breaking news. 

In clothes, the idea of uncertainty of all things Ukrainian in minds is trans-ferred through the use of blurred traditional Ukrainian ornaments. 
On those bright, black-and-red on white prints, broken pixels and glitch can be seen: allegorically, they may depict digital media which leaded to final distortion of country's present and past. This wise play with fashion's allusive language makes Ksenia Schnaider's designs truly unique.

On the whole, new collection's design stays truthful to Ksenia Schnaider's concept and design principles. European sartorial traditions, esthetics of smart minimalism, unisex, ideas of pure functionality, and frequent links with Slavic culture — all this can be found here, in Ksenia Schnaider S/S 2015.