10 Lifestyle Recommendations for Staying Home

Welcome to the second instalment of our #stayhome series.

This week we have talked with our friend, Giorgia Cantarini, who is a fashion editor and contributor to L’Officiel Italia, Vogue.it and many more.

Below are 10 personal advice from Giorgia who is doing her best to be positive and helpful to herself and others in Milan.


Giorgia Cantarini wearing KSENIASCHNADIER Wide Fringed Jeans with Slits


1. Re-organize your closet: choose what to keep and what to eventually resell on platforms like Vestiaire, Rebelle, Lampoo or Vintag. Consider also donating clothes to charities that might need them after the Coronavirus is over.

2. Treat yourself to books and interesting readings. Open Library and WattPad and even Amazon offer some free downloads for Kindle or Tablet.

3. Connect more with people you love - family and friends - whether via phone, Zoom or on Houseparty app.

4. Watch movies and series, but also documentaries about fashion - you can find them online on Youtube or Vimeo.

5. Listen to music, any kind of music as much as you can.

6. If you have a pet, cuddle them and take extra care of them, they can be your smart working companion and can come with you for short walks out, just the time to let them do their business and some free air for you. Remember to keep your distance from others!

7. Beauty Routine! Don’t neglect yourself to look good during isolation. Apply some make-up to cheer you up, wear a mask in the evening and my recommendation is to experiment with natural remedy tutorials available online.

8. Move Your Body: even if it means dancing in a video chat with friends, or alone in front of the mirror or with a boyfriend or members of your family.

9. Keep your Mind and Body healthy. Plan your weekly shopping for healthy recipes to avoid junk food. For meditations, I use Calm app.

10. Learn: there is no better time than now to think about how can you expand your abilities and your understanding of the world that awaits us.