Environmental initiative for Black Friday called BLUE FRIDAY

KSENIASCHNAIDER has developed it's own inventions in the direction of Zero Waste production, denim recycling, and patchwork techniques, re-working used clothes, fabric swatches since its founding in 2010, and it remains a major challenge.
This year, KSENIASCHNAIDER is teaming with the Marine Conservation Society to protect the ocean's and marine life's health.
The Marine Conservation Society is an organisation based in the United Kingdom dedicated to promoting a cleaner, safer, and healthier ocean.
Our goal is to prove that slow fashion is a new trend and to contribute to the creation of an eco-friendly, longer-lasting wardrobe that is better for people and the environment. Supporting the conservation of ecologically vital marine animals, as well as the HEART of wildlife and ocean health - corals and marine life - is critical.
The production of traditional denim is one of the most chemical and water- intensive processes in the fashion industry, resulting in habitat destruction, ocean acidification, and ecosystem disruption. To note - it takes about 3,700 liters of water to make a pair of jeans!
For every BLUE FRIDAY order placed, KSENIASCHNAIDER donates five percent to the Marine Conservation Society, ensuring that every purchase helps benefit an important cause.
KSENIASCHNAIDER supports the Marine Conservation Society through the “Work for Good” Foundation.