KSENIASCHNAIDER FW20 Runway Show: Behind The Scenes

The designers Ksenia and Anton Schnaider present KSENIASCHNAIDER FW 2020 collection. For the new season, the designers together with their team created KSENIASCHNAIDER multifunctional wardrobe –special clothing for tech intellectuals who exist beyond hype.

"When wearing this clothing you can feel yourself protected and at the same time stay in the spotlight, you can blend in with surroundings and at the same time catch everyone’s attention", - comments the collection Anton Schnaider.

"We created a new collection. It’s about people who are exiting the world of virtual reality and going back into the world they just stopped mentioning –– the world of wild nature, - adds Ksenia Scnaider. People are turning off their computers and go hiking in the mountains. They stop staring at their phones’ screens to look up to the sky."

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