Garments from Fabric Swatches by KSENIASCHNAIDER


KSENIASCHNAIDER introduces the new Shirt Project - a line of items made out of discarded fabric swatches.

For the past years, the brand has been experimenting with reworked materials. First of all, they created the famous demi-denims jeans made from reworked vintage denim, then they have developed a way to turn our textile waste into denim fur, and lately into patchwork items. They rethought our sportswear line and the most recently introduced the reworked knitwear - line of colourful dresses and sweaters pieced out of a huge variety of knitted blocks. 


This time, they’re moving forward and they decided to take care of the tons of fabric swatches that usually are thrown away. For the Shirt Project they use our own archive. The brand also wants to collaborate with his suppliers so KSENIASCHNAIDER asked them to send their stock of swatches to produce first samples. Furthermore, they would like to announce that KSENIASCHNAIDER is ready to re-work any unwanted swatches from all over the world. 

Their own production has been working with vintage and reused materials for more than seven years. KSENIASCHNAIDER created the special technologies to upcycle vintage garments and leftovers in our studio. Each piece from this line is made by hand and it’s certainly unique.