Asymmetrical Jeans and Denim Fur showcased in Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel

Have you ever wondered who invented the material from which the jeans you wear every day are produced?


It has been more than a hundred years since blue jeans were invented as practical and robust work trousers. Nobody could have imagined it back then, and certainly didn’t plan for it to happen, but blue denim trousers have become a fashion item. Although they are newly styled and redesigned every year, the trousers worn by gold miners and cowboys have retained their most important features. They are comfortable and durable. But blue jeans did not just become trendy clothing, they are also considered a cult object. Because of their history, they have already served as a status symbol for a wide variety of movements.

In this exhibition, which features approximately 200 objects, visitors are taken on a journey through the facets of this fascinating material. This special exhibition was created in collaboration with Ms. Liza Snook from the Virtual Shoe Museum in The Hague.The exhibition can only be seen in this form in Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel. 

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel, Switzerland

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