Pre-Fall 2020 Online Showroom

KSENIASCHNAIDER was one of the first brands to advocate sustainability in Eastern Europe and is now proving the position worldwide.

The upcycled garments have been gaining popularity year after year and one of them have already been worn by Bella Hadid in 2020.

In the past years, KSENIASCHNAIDER has been awarded two Sustainable Brand Awards by Ukrainian BFA Committee and has been a finalist at The Next Green Talent Project held by Vogue Italia and Yoox.

As the new decade unfolds the KSENIASCHNAIDER team has been thinking of ways to optimise the wholesale experience for buyers and to lessen the carbon footprint. Thus in Pre-Fall 2020 we launching a test version of digital showroom experience for our buyers, who won’t be able to make it to our physical stand in Paris.

Our digital showroom is a vertical video content where a member of the sales team talks about the collection and its highlights.

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Brand's philosophy dictates that each step in the selling cycle that can be done online should be attempted to be realised so. Efforts like these have been already made by our fellow Eastern European designer Anna October and we hope more brands will pick the idea up.