Quarantine tips from Polina Sokhranova

Welcome back,

Polina Sokhranova has kindly agreed to share her daily routine during the self-isolation in Moscow. She is a great professional of the fashion industry, Ex Editor-in-Chief Cosmopolitan Russia and Ex Editor Vogue Russia. She's currently working on her own sustainable project named Authentic Beauty Concept. Furthermore, we're happy to present below her playlist that she made especially for our subscribers.

Polina Sokhranova in KSENIASCHNAIDER Cropped Reworked Denim Jacket and Blue Wide Patchwork Pants

1. Where are you staying during quarantine?
At home mostly, luckily me and my husband rent a great place in the center of Moscow. I love being in the city now, it's empty and the air is sooo fresh and fragrant. 

2. What did you have for breakfast today?
Fresh green juice: celery, lime, apple, cucumber, ginger and later some home made potato dumplings with salmon.

3. Your favorite place in your home?
My sofa in the living room. I guess because its the lightest room and the sofa now became my office and my cinema seat and my zooming place. All at once.

4. Your favorite outfit these days?
I am one of those who is quarantining in jeans and a long sleeve. 

5. What book/ magazine are you reading at the moment?
I finish autobiography of Debbie Harry, the front woman of Blondie "Face it" and whenever I need inspiration I turn to Interview Magazine Archive edition, those are the best conversations between the brightest minds recorded ever. 

6. What movie/ show you recently watched and would love to advise others?
I just saw the greatest TV show of all times The Sopranos and that is a must! If you are just like and missed it in early 2000s do it now. It brings the weirdest feelings like I hated and loved the characters at the same time and now when the show is over I truly miss them all. 

7. Your favorite quarantine snack?
It's more of a treat, yogurt ice cream with mango and passion fruit flavour.

8. What time did you go to bed yesterday?

9. What’s the last clothing item you bought before or during the quarantine?
A Kwaidan Edition minimal 90s style black shoulder bag. 

10. What’s the first thing you dream to do as soon as the quarantine is over and there is no coronavirus in the world?
Go windsurfing to Formentera.