Reworking Vintage at KSENIASCHNAIDER since 2016

KSENIASCHNAIDER is a Kyiv-based brand, which is one of the biggest advocators for sustainable fashion in Eastern Europe.

We value efficiency and the two of its main embodiments: design and sustainability.

DENIM numbers:

In one month we are reworking 500 pair of jeans,
which adds up to
5 tons a year.

We have also developed a way to turn our textile waste into denim fur, and most recently into patchwork items.

PATCHWORK numbers:

We have two sources for the patchwork:

Vintage items (inc. sportswear and denim) and textile waste (inc. denim and knitwear).

In one season we are reworking up to 200 kilos of textile waste.

In a year, we are producing around 3000 reworked items.

Around 35% of a collection is made up of such items.

Each reworked item is individually assembled and therefore one of a kind.


Sustainability is a great tool to achieve the design ideas we have.
We are proud to have found the right blend of fashion and sustainability.