S/S19 Runway Show

The collection aims to translate eclectic beachwear into RTW city apparel. Beachwear, especially in the post-soviet mentality, is a strange mixture of kitsch and utility. For Ksenia Schnaider SS19 Ksenia and Anton took the best of both seemingly opposite features to create the ultimate contemporary fashion - where you don’t have to compromise practicality for a bit of extra.
The silhouettes in the collection are very intelligible: among them shorts, dresses, A-line skirts and T-shirts. The focus is on the utilitarian vests, dresses and jeans. But the cherry on the top is the abundance of sequence and the denim cheetah fabric.
"You can see all kinds of things at a resort in Ukraine. Girls wearing cheetah dresses alongside naked children in Panama hats running around. $1 Boss bags to carry the towel. A middle-aged man in Hawaiian shirts, bermudas, and sandals on top of mid-calf socks. Lots of things to pick up” - explains the initial inspiration Ksenia.
This season also celebrates the expansion of the Reworked line. Until now there were coats, blazers, shorts, skirts, and corsets which were made from vintage jeans and only one model of trousers. And, starting from next spring, in addition to the demi-denims, wide and skinny reworked jeans will be available.
In the midi soundtrack with a robot reciting of the lyrics you are unwillingly noticing the echoes of Paradisio, Nelly and Jennifer Lopez. An unlikely sonic mix of the future and the past was created by Anton Schnaider to complement the collection. The invites to the catwalk show, meanwhile, were simply replaced by the designers’ holiday photographs.