Xenia Adonts shares her self-isolation routine

Now that we’ve shared with you routines by people from Paris, Milan, London and New York, we have now prepared one from our special friend from Hamburg.

It's a pleasure to present you Xenia Adonts who kindly agreed to share her quarantine routine.

Xenia Adonts in KSENIASCHNAIDER Asymmetrical Jeans

1. Where are you staying during quarantine?
I'm staying in Hamburg,Germany.

2. What did you have for breakfast today?
I adore quark with fresh fruits.

3. Your favorite place in your home?
For now, that's definitely my balcony.

4. Your favorite outfit these days?
Mom jeans and oversized sweater.

5. What book/ magazine are you reading at the moment?
I prefer the artists way.

6. What movie/ show you recently watched and would love to advise others?
Modern family.

7. Your favorite quarantine snack?
German chia bread.

8. Do you manage to get more sleep now? Same amount.

9. Have you done any online shopping, except food of course?
Yes, too much, to be honest!

10. What’s the first thing you dream to do as soon as the quarantine is over and there is no coronavirus in the world?
Go into my fav restaurant with a big group of friends :)